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Inez Postema

CEO of Asbeter Holding B.V

Founder and CEO Inez Postema –connector and innovator- has 30+ years of experience developing strategic advice & projects on sustainability to chemical industries and governmental entities. She is since 2018 fully committed to finding a safe and definitive destruction method for asbestos fibres. The Asbeter team succeeded in developing two patented processes since then.

The latest AC Minerals process is literally dissolving asbestos fibres out of cement. The process ends with ZERO fibres in the calcium silicate hydrate end products. With this result the AC Minerals process is certified by Det Norske Veritas. For the end products Asbeter received the End of waste status. This worldwide breakthrough means a lot for the circular economy on the clean transition agenda.

Inez Postema believes in the importance of public-private cooperation and investments to bring this innovation to the market, with safe logistics and processing of hazardous materials like asbestos roof plates and tubes. Therefore Asbeter built strong partnerships with private partners and public authorities.