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Workshops on Thursday afternoon, 14 November 2019

On Thursday afternoon, 14 November 2019,  you can join a variety of ‘round table’ workshops. These will allow you to discuss with many of the speakers and the conference visitors, person to person: for sharing views, idea’s and problems with like-minded professionals. You’ll have the chance to say what is on your mind and ask what you always wanted to know. On the conference day itself, you will already be pleasantly acquainted with many other visitors and set up for a lasting international network.

Typical topics are:

  • I – Due Diligence
  • II – Asbestos removal techniques
  • III – Raising awareness
  • IV – Victim related issues
  • V – Denaturation of asbestos

We will compare problems and solutions, looking for the ‘Best in Class’ option and trying to find a unifying, harmonising solution beneficial to all. Previous experience has taught us that these workshops can lead to intensely interesting debates and surprising new insights. At the end of the afternoon, a representative of each workshop will present its findings to the participants of the other workshops. Short presentations are welcome as well: if you wish to suggest one, please contact

Photo’s of the 2016 workshops, courtesy of the participants