Workshops on Saturday morning, 1 October 2016

On Saturday morning, 1 October 2016, we undertook four workshops for the first time. These allowed everyone to discuss with the speakers and the audience, person to person: for sharing views, idea’s and problems with like-minded professionals.

The topics were:

  • I – Due Diligence and insurance
  • II – Asbestos removal techniques
  • III – Raising awareness and improving communication
  • IV – Victim related issues

We’ve compared problems and solutions, looking for the ‘Best in Class’ option and trying to find a unifying, harmonising solution beneficial to all. Throughout the morning, a representative of each workshop presented its findings to the participants of the other workshops. We came to some astonishing conclusions. For instance, that in the Netherlands an asbestos removal company is highly restricted and controlled, whereas in Poland it can work completely free of any certificates or particular supervison, apart from a general permission for this line of work from the government. Also, that the compensation of Dutch asbestos victims is almost minute in comparison to what English, American, Australian or New Zealand victims receive.

Please note: it is the intention to continue these workshops as permanent working groups throughout the year. This is where you can truly ‘hook up’ with like-minded persons and organisations. If you are interested in joining them, please send a note to

Photo’s of the 2016 workshops, courtesy of the participants

Workshops 1          Workshops 2          Workshops 3