2019 Conference speakers

  • Jody Schinkel

    Senior Exposure Scientist at TNO

    Jody Schinkel works as a senior exposure scientist at TNO. During his thesis, he developed and validated the generic exposure models Stoffenmanager and Advanched Reach Tool (ART). In the past five years, he has coordinated the asbestos projects that are carried out within TNO. Mostly, these projects focus on measuring and controlling exposures levels during […]

  • Nicholas Le Mintier

    Head of Sales at xRapid Group

    Nicholas Le Mintier is xRapid’s Head of Sales. Graduated from an engineering school, he has spent the last ten years selling innovative products. He has joined xRapid in 2018 and has contributed to the development of their product and the selling side of the business. He is concerned about the environment and that is why […]

  • Dr. Henk Koerten

    Koerten Advies

    Dr. Henk Koerten is a cell biologist and doctor in Medical Sciences. In 1991, he was appointed head of the electron microscopy department at Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC). In 2007 he finished his position at the LUMC and started his own consultancy on application of microscopic techniques in environmental research. In his presentation, Henk […]

  • Maarten Schmidt


    Maarten Schmidt is a film producer and has produced over 14 films and worked on almost 30 films in different departments. His company Storyhouse is based in Brussels and produces international film projects.

  • Professor Jukka Takala, Keynote Speaker

    Professor Jukka Takala, President of the International Commission for Occupational Health

    Professor Jukka Takala is renowned for his many contributions to the sciences of occupational health, specifically occupational diseases, and occupational ergonomics. With an illustrious career of four decades serving the Ministry of Social Affairs in Finland, the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the EU, the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore etc., he is now the President […]

  • Sean Fitzgerald

    Director of Research & Legal Services, at the Scientific Analytical Institute

    Sean Fitzgerald has decades of experience in the field of mineralogy, microscopy and spectroscopy. With his added knowledge as a research geologist and research in soils, there is little Sean doesn’t know about asbestos. He recently developed a new, definitive microscopy technique to positively identify asbestos in talc products, such as the Claire’s make-up drama. […]

  • Professor Arthur Frank

    Professor and Chair Emeritus at Drexel University School of Public Health

    Professor Arthur Frank MD Ph.D. is trained as an occupational physician with a special interest in occupational cancers and occupational lung diseases, especially those caused by asbestos in all settings. Also holding a Ph.D relating to asbestos diseases, he has worked internationally and for more than fifty years has studied issues about asbestos. He has […]

  • Gerrie van Beljouw

    Director and Owner of Belas Asbestverwijdering Uden B.V./VVTB

    Gerrie van Beljouw is a mechanical engineer and has been the Owner of an asbestos removal company in Uden (the Netherlands) since 1991. He is a board member at trade association VVTB and uses his technical knowledge to make asbestos remediation safer and more efficient through innovation. For example, he has developed an asbestos separator […]

  • Phil Cleary

    CEO and co-founder of SmartWater

    Phil Cleary graduated as a computer engineer before joining the police service, where he worked as Detective raising to senior officer rank. He started SmartWater in 1996 and was formally recognised as an award-winning entrepreneur, resulting in him being invited to join the Royal Society of Arts as Fellow. SmartWater is, essentially, an unvisible and […]

  • Lloyd Ludlow

    Director at Soteria Group

    Lloyd Ludlow has 35 years experience in the deconstruction, demolition, environmental recycling and decontamination industries, including projects overseas and in the USA for the United States Federal Government. These years of experience coupled with recognizing the need for innovation and improvements in particulate encapsulation have led to the development of the CapSure range of products […]

  • Simon Schneebeli

    Founder of Partico, member of Bildungszentrum Bauschadstoffe BilBau.ch

    Simon Schneebeli has a particular eye for innovation, creation and new challenges. With a background in civil engineering, an MBA in entrepreneurship and business development and training in organisational development, he is an all-rounder. Simon has worked since many years in the sector of asbestos and toxic building materials. He is co-founder and former vice-president […]

  • Graham Gould

    Chairman of Thermal Recycling Ltd.

    Graham Gould is an experienced businessman and entrepreneur who was introduced to Thermal Recycling by the investors in the business.  He successfully built an international strategy consultancy where he was responsible for advising the senior management of many domestic and global businesses. He also has extensive experience in the property sector where he managed property […]

  • Huig Bergsma

    Geochemical engineer at Bodembergsma and Asbetter Acids

    Huig Bergsma is a professional geochemical engineer trained at the University of Utrecht. He has worked for Geochem Research, ARCADIS and is now a self-employed specialist at BodemBergsma. His main field of interest is the natural or artificially enhanced weathering of silicate minerals as a tool to capture carbon dioxide. In his presentation on behalf […]

  • Sven de Mulder

    Project leader of Project Asbestos Reduction at OVAM

    As leader of the project that aims to reduce the presence of asbestos in Flanders (the Northern part of Belgium), Sven de Mulder helps to make Flanders asbestos-safe. What a wonderful, huge and responsible job! The project aims to have asbestos containing materials surveyed per building or location, after which they will be removed at […]

  • Udo Waltman

    Director of SGS Search
    SGS SEarch Udo Wlatman, Heeswijk Dinther, 6 1 2017

    Within the globally operating company SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company for the sustainable built environment, Udo Waltman is part of the management team for the Benelux zone. Udo is a man of many and very different skills: from integrating companies after an acquisition to inspiring groups and coming up with […]

  • David de Vreede

    David de Vreede, Chairman of the Foundation Çenter of Expertise for Asbestos and Fibres' (St. ECAV)

    David de Vreede is well known for his advocacy for a healthy environment, especially with regard to asbestos and asbestos awareness. In daily life, he specialises in air quality products and issues; but he is also the co-founder and chairman of the newly formed foundation ‘Center of Expertise for Asbestos & Fibers’ (St. ECAV). This […]

  • Will Patrick

    Sales Manager at Airbox Sampling Products (FermionX Ltd)

    Will Patrick is specialised in air monitoring equipment for the asbestos removal industry. At the EAF conference, he will talk about his particular interest: the difficulties and barriers which he is experiencing as an innovative manufacturer in selling into different markets, due to the vast differences in regulations.

  • Jasper Kosters

    Director and Owner of Admanstars

    Jasper Kosters is the proud owner of Admanstars, an independent asbestos consultancy. He is a highly regarded, well-connected and very knowledgable specialist on Dutch asbestos regulation, abatement, asbestos management and asbestos disaster control.

  • Nick Garland

    Director and owner of Assure Risk Management

    With over twenty years’ experience under his belt, Nick provides health and safety management advice, asbestos audit, expert witness testimony, competence and compliance systems to the asbestos and construction industry.

  • Joris Gribnau M.Sc.

    Technical and Commercial Director at KIWA Compliance International

    Joris Gribnau graduated from Delft University of Technology as a civil engineer. He believes with conviction in the Shield motto ‘ Keeping the Future in Shape”: safeguarding a healthy and pleasant working and living environment for both our own generation and future generations

  • Charles Pickles

    Founder and owner of Charles Pickles Associates

    With a background in asbestos consultancy, Charles co-founded Lucion Environmental in 2002, which at the time of his exit from the company in 2019, was the UK’s largest asbestos consultancy. With broad experience in the field and a firm understanding of the current risks and challenges presented by asbestos, Charles now highlights and campaigns for […]

  • Tony Rich

    Industrial hygienist and Owner at Asbestology LLC

    Tony Rich, also known under his alias Asbestos Hunter, has literally served ‘in the trenches’ as an industrial hygienist and environmental technician in the consulting field for the past twenty years, specializing in asbestos-related work, including: inspection surveys, abatement monitoring/sample analyses, project management, regulatory compliance, and worker training

  • Brendan J. Tully

    Partner and trial lawyer at Phillips & Paolicelli LLP

    Brendan is a partner at the American law firm Phillips & Paolicelli LLP in New York, where he heads the Asbestos & Talc department.  One of the leading trial lawyers in the United States in this field, Brendan has blazed new ground in pursuing American product liability lawsuits for international mesothelioma victims. He has won […]

  • Harry Vonk

    Asbestos trainer and Owner of Teamplayer

    Harry Vonk has extensive experience in providing a wide scope of asbestos and safety training. Always interested in anything asbestos, he collects asbestos curiosities as a hobby, some of which he has kindly displayed in his asbestos cabinet at this conference.

  • Yvonne Waterman Ph.D. LL.M.

    Founder and Director of the EAF Foundation

    Over the past fifteen years, Yvonne Waterman has visited and spoken at many asbestos conferences worldwide, learning all the time and wondering why so many countries have the same asbestos problems and at the same time haven’t a clue about the solutions their neighbours came up with […]

  • Mark Wit B.Sc.

    Project Manager Asbestos Survey and Consultancy at Oesterbaai

    Mark Wit studied building technology at Delft Technical University, the Netherlands, and has considerable experience as a project manager in building engineering and fire safety. He has been project manager asbestos survey and consultancy at Oesterbaai since 2013 and feels strongly motivated for a healthy and safe environment for all.