2016 Conference speakers

  • Marcel Brouns

    Founder of and Advisor to Shield Group International

    Marcel Brouns has a profoundly deep, life-long interest in chemistry. Awarded a Ph.D with highest honours in 1970, he has gone on to study associated scientific fields of interest, such as general inorganic and organic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, microbiology, spectro-chemistry and radioactive phenomena.

  • Terry Coleman

    Director and Owner of Coleman Consulting

    Terry Coleman, of Coleman Consulting Ltd and Pacifica Environmental Services Ltd Fiji, has decades of experience in both the demolition and asbestos industry. Known for his dedication to furthering the causes of asbestos education and eradication, he is also the Secretary of the New Zealand Demolition and Asbestos Association (NZDAA) and a respected advisor on […]

  • Kees van Dongen

    Chairman of Ascert

    Kees van Dongen has studied law at the university of Nijmegen and completed several studies in personal coaching. He has a lot of experience as a Director in a Board of several non-profitorganisations
    He is the independant chairman of Ascert.

  • Claus Dyring

    General Manager at Dansk Bygningsanalyse A/S

    Claus Dyring will share with us what is happening on the asbestos front in Denmark. For Denmark was the first country in the EU to ban asbestos insulation material (1972) and asbestos cement (1980 and more comprehensively in 1985). Compare that to the Netherlands, where the production of asbestos cement was only prohibited as of […]

  • Arjan Endhoven

    Tax Partner at BDO Accountants and Tax Advisors

    What does asbestos mean for the value of Industrial real estate? It’s a difficult question and one that Arjan Endhoven is highly qualified to answer. Arjan studied Tax Economy at the University of Amsterdam. After finding his wings at an international tax practice of an American based global audit, he switched to BDO in 1999 and became […]

  • Jan Kees Gijsbers

    Policy Officer at housing association De Alliantie

    Jan Kees Gijsbers works as a policy officer on environmental and technical issues at De Alliantie, which is a large housing association with 62,000 homes in Amsterdam and the wider area. De Alliantie has been one of the first and leading Dutch housing associations to plan and enact policy on asbestos and has acquired a […]

  • Jeroen Kersten

    Asbestos Consultant at Sodexo

    Nothing asbestos related ever happens (or should happen) at Schiphol Airport without being run by Jeroen Kersten first! An expert on asbestos and fire hazards, Jeroen is the ‘asbestos man’ for the entire huge complex, of which only a small part may be seen above ground. The specific nature of an airport can lead to […]

  • Heinz Kropiunik, Dipl.-Ing.

    Managing Director and Partner at Aetas Ziviltechniker GmbH, Vienna

    Heinz Kropiunik has a broad experience and knowledge of managing natural resources and environmental aspects, such as water, fire and asbestos.

  • Jessy Middelkoop

    Advisor of Hazardous Substances for the Fire Department Amsterdam Amstelland
    Jetty Middelkoop

    Jetty Middelkoop will be our specialist speaker on asbestos fires! She studied at the Higher Laboratory School and the Agricultural University. She completed the officers’ training course of the Royal Netherlands Army and worked at the Inspectorate Nuclear Energy and a Radiation Protection Service of two Ministeries. In her present function, she is standby 24/7 for […]

  • Mavis Nye BCAh

    Founder and Director of the Mavis Nye Foundation

    Mavis Nye will speak of her five year fight with an invariably fatal asbestos cancer, mesothelioma, which usually claims its victims within a year of diagnosis. Having initially only been given three months to live, she set upon a difficult journey through four chemo regimes and two Phase I trials, only to be told no […]

  • Jaroslaw Nyzio

    Labour Inspector (Poland)

    Jarosław Nyzio will present on the Polish National Asbestos Eradication Program, which makes Poland one of the first countries in the EU to have such a challenging policy. He obtained a Master of Science degree at Agricultural University of Poznań. Since 1998 he has been employed in the National Labour Inspectorate, where he had been […]

  • Frank Peters

    Director and Owner of Virtus Communications
    Frank Peters 2

    An asbestos fire is lighting up the midnight sky, alarms are sounding,the local inhabitants don’t know what to do… The local government wants to inform all parties concerned to regain control of the situation. In short, a calamitous state of affairs. Which is where our expert comes in: Frank Peters, renowned communication expert. He knows how […]

  • Tony Rich

    Industrial hygienist and Owner at Asbestology LLC

    Tony Rich, also known under his alias Asbestos Hunter, has literally served ‘in the trenches’ as an industrial hygienist and environmental technician in the consulting field for the past twenty years, specializing in asbestos-related work, including: inspection surveys, abatement monitoring/sample analyses, project management, regulatory compliance, and worker training

  • Jonathan Simnett

    Director ISGS Consulting Group Pty Ltd

    What does asbestos mean for private home owners? Nowhere in the world is there – sadly – as much expertise on this matter as in Australia; and Australian Jonathan Simnett specialises in the subject! But we’ve got plenty of asbestos in our homes, as well… Which is precisely why we have an Australian specialist on […]

  • Ingeborg Smit

    Asbestos Consultant at Antea Group

    Ingeborg Smit MSc MA works as a senior environmental specialist at Antea Group, where she specialises in asbestos investigation in soil. Ingeborg studied Environmental Sciences and Public Administration at Utrecht University and worked for several years in the field of Public Communication. This enables her to combine environmental issues of asbestos with Dutch policy and […]

  • Ron Symonds

    Group Head of Environment Management and Property Business Partner Royal Mail

    Ron Symonds MBA MSc FRICS CMIOSH MIIRSM will be a Session Moderator at the conference. In 2016, he gave a well-received presentation for the EAF, on the challenges of managing asbestos in a large property portfolio. (The Royal Mail is the largest property owner in the UK.)

  • Harry Vonk

    Asbestos trainer and Owner of Teamplayer

    Harry Vonk has extensive experience in providing a wide scope of asbestos and safety training. Always interested in anything asbestos, he collects asbestos curiosities as a hobby, some of which he has kindly displayed in his asbestos cabinet at this conference.

  • Hans van der Wart Msc, MBA, Bsc

    Conference Chairman, Executive V.P. Kiwa Compliance International

    Hans van der Wart will be your Conference Chairman for the third time. In daily life, he is the Executive Vice President at Kiwa Compliance International (formerly called Shield Group), a growing group of companies that do environmental, chemcial and biological testing, surveying and consultancy activities, mainly in the field of dangerous compounds/situations such as […]

  • Yvonne Waterman Ph.D. LL.M.

    Founder and Director of the EAF Foundation

    Over the past fifteen years, Yvonne Waterman has visited and spoken at many asbestos conferences worldwide, learning all the time and wondering why so many countries have the same asbestos problems and at the same time haven’t a clue about the solutions their neighbours came up with […]

  • Mark Wit B.Sc.

    Project Manager Asbestos Survey and Consultancy at Oesterbaai

    Mark Wit studied building technology at Delft Technical University, the Netherlands, and has considerable experience as a project manager in building engineering and fire safety. He has been project manager asbestos survey and consultancy at Oesterbaai since 2013 and feels strongly motivated for a healthy and safe environment for all.

  • Dennis Kierkels

    (Retired Advisor) - CEO MiniContainment Nederland BV

    After a long career in the world of property reinvestment, Dennis Kierkels teamed up with Ruud Janssen, owner of asbestos removal company Asbestsanering Het Zuiden, to develop the MiniContainment.