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Phil Cleary

CEO and co-founder of SmartWater

Phil Cleary graduated as a computer engineer before joining the police service, where he worked as Detective raising to senior officer rank. He started SmartWater in 1996 and was formally recognised as an award-winning entrepreneur, resulting in him being invited to join the Royal Society of Arts as Fellow. SmartWater is, essentially, an unvisible and indestructable, super-tech tracking product that can identify and authenticate anything, anywhere.

Working in partnership with Soteria Group, using the SmartWater unique forensic liquid datasets and their Smart App, together they have created the ability to establish the absolute provenance of asbestos waste, when treated with the ground-breaking Capsure™ products. SmartWater is the most highly accredited forensic company of its type in the world.

Obviously, Phil will explain the properties of SmartWater and how, amongst other very interesting aspects, it will make and end to illegal asbestos dumping in woods and ditches.