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David de Vreede

David de Vreede, Chairman of the Foundation Çenter of Expertise for Asbestos and Fibres’ (St. ECAV)

David de Vreede is well known for his advocacy for a healthy environment, especially with regard to asbestos and asbestos awareness. In daily life, he specialises in air quality products and issues; but he is also the co-founder and chairman of the newly formed foundation ‘Center of Expertise for Asbestos & Fibers’ (St. ECAV). This foundation performs research into possibly asbestos containing products such as talc, blasting sand etc., focusses on creating awareness of the hazards, supports the fight for a global ban on asbestos, performs research into other hazardous fibers and advises on safe and fair asbestos abatement.

David de Vreede, on behalf of his foundation, and Sean Fitzgerald have done valuable work together in discovering and providing evidence of the presence of talc powder in make-up. They will explain in their presentation by which new microscopy method – developed by Sean – they managed to achieve this and how others can do the same. The method is now being considered by the global ISO committee. And who knows, perhaps they will have news to share on recent discoveries?