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Craig Evans

COO of UK Asbestos Training Associaiton

Craig Evans is an accomplished and dynamic professional, serving as the Chief Operating Officer of UKATA. With a wealth of experience in the field, Craig brings a unique blend of strategic vision, operational expertise, and leadership to his role.

Throughout his career, Craig has demonstrated a strong commitment to driving excellence and innovation in the asbestos training industry. His deep understanding of the sector, coupled with his passion for ensuring the highest standards of training and safety, has positioned him as a respected authority within the field.

As the Chief Operating Officer of UKATA, Craig plays a pivotal role in the association’s strategic direction and overall operations. His exceptional leadership skills and ability to navigate complex challenges have been instrumental in driving UKATA’s growth, fostering industry collaborations, and expanding the reach and impact of the association.

Craig’s dedication to professional development and continuous improvement is evident in his relentless pursuit of excellence. His strategic mindset, coupled with a hands-on approach, allows him to effectively align organisational goals with industry needs, ensuring UKATA remains at the forefront of the asbestos training landscape.

With his personable nature and strong communication skills, Craig fosters meaningful relationships with industry stakeholders, government bodies, and fellow professionals, cultivating an environment of collaboration and shared success.