Gerrie van Beljouw

Director and Owner of Belas Asbestverwijdering Uden B.V./VVTB

Gerrie van Beljouw is an outstanding asbestos remediation specialist with decades of experience, which he willingly shares in a number of Dutch professional asbestos forums, such as the Association for the Removal of Toxic Building Materials (VVTB). Director and Owner of Belas Asbestverwijdering Uden B.V., Gerrie has a particular eye for the wellfair of his staff and for the quality of asbestos remediation work, which shows itself in his interest for innovation in the asbestos remediation work place. Indeed, Gerrie maintains that asbestos remediation and its regulations must necessarily follow the tenets of physics. Or to put it more plainly by way of an example: there are scientific reasons why for instance the air flow in a decontamination unit must be properly understood, before a unit can be designed that will effectively protect the health of the workers. Without such understanding, lives of workers are needlessly put at risk of unnecessary asbestos exposure.

Gerrie will present his speech both on behalf of his own company and on behalf of the Dutch association of asbestos remediation companies, the VVTB.

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