Marcelis Boereboom M.Sc.

Directorate General for Employment at the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment is headed by political and administrative officials. Political leadership is provided by the minister and state secretary, while the secretary general, deputy secretary general, directors general and inspector general together form the ministry’s administrative leadership.

The members of the administrative leadership are responsible for a number of directorates or other organisational units. As Director General, Marcelis Boereboom is responsible for policy in the areas of employment, labour law, working conditions and industrial relations. In addition, he provides leadership to the directorates that form part of his directorate general. He has a particular interest for occupational health and safety.

Lydia E.M. Charlier LL.M.

Lydia has been working as personal injury lawyer since 1992, at first for the law firm Oudenoord (the law firm used by Dutch labour union FNV) and as of 2005 at the reputed law firm of Beer Lawyers in Amsterdam.

She only represents the victims. Her practice is focused on liability cases, in particular occupational diseases, asbestos diseases notably amongst them. Besides cases regarding principle issues, which she has handled with satisfaction for 23 years and still handles, she has also become a mediator in personal injury and labour cases as of 2002.

Arco Engelen

Arco is the owner of HumanNova training, an occupational hygienist and a qualified asbestos expert. He also acts as Examiner for the Post-Secondary Safety Science (the PHOV Foundation), is a member of the Central College of Asbestos Experts and representative of the Dutch Association of Labour Asbestos experts on asbestos. He has nearly 20 years of experience in the field of occupational health and safety management and chemical/biological exposure risks. His professional expertise focuses on awareness-raising issues, presentations, goal-orientation and (event) organisations.

Arco is the author of several publications, including ‘Asbestos and the installation sector’ and ‘Enforcement in asbestos emergencies’. He has been involved in research into asbestos exposure and asbestos training since 1993.

Nick Garland

With over twenty years’ experience under his belt, Nick provides health and safety management advice, asbestos audit, expert witness testimony, competence and compliance systems to the asbestos and construction industry. He holds a post graduate degree in health, safety and environmental management from Portsmouth University and has completed NEBOSH H&S qualifications as well as numerous professional project management courses. (NEBOSH stands for National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health and is the main H&S qualification source in the UK.)

Nick is the founder and designer of the Assure360 system, which is an important app for licensed asbestos removal contractors, asbestos managers and trainers. It provides a suite of solutions which make competence assessments, exposure monitoring and asbestos compliance easy. Assure360 is the only system that tracks competence at the individual staff level. It is also the only one to offer industry benchmarking.

Joris Gribnau M.Sc.

Technical and Commercial Director at KIWA Compliance International

Joris Gribnau graduated from Delft University of Technology as a civil engineer. He believes with conviction in the motto ‘Keeping the Future in Shape’: safeguarding a healthy and pleasant working and living environment for both our own generation and future generations. His special interests concerns hazardous substances, occupational health and air emissions.

Joris is also a member of the Board of the first asbestos awareness museum, which has been recently founded by the International Asbestos Awareness Foundation.

Ruud Janssen

After extensive experience in demolition and asbestos abatement, Ruud Janssen founded his own company in 2010. He has a particular interest in the innovation of new techniques and improvement of techniques regarding asbestos abatement. His presentation will focus on a interesting example of a new asbestos abatement technique which he has developed himself.

Christian Lahnstein LL.M.

Christian Lahnstein has studied law in Tubingen, Munich, Genève and Salamanca. As lawyer he worked for Munich Re in Colombia (from 1982 to 1988) and Munich (until 2014), responsible for fundamental issues relating to tort and insurance law, for developing strategies to deal more effectively with long-tail risks, risks of change and mass litigation, and for clarifying social influences on tort law and insurance. He was member of the Board of Overseers of the RAND Institute for Civil Justice in Santa Monica (2006-2012) and is member of the European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law at Vienna.

Dr. Richard Lemen USPHS (ret.) Ph.D., M.S.P.H

Retired Assistant Surgeon General of the United States of America and retired Acting Director of NIOSH

Dr. Richard Lemen is a former Assistant Surgeon General of the United States. He served as Acting Director and Deputy Director of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) before his retirement. Since retiring from the United States Public Health Service in 1996, he has been Adjunct Professor of Occupational and Environmental Health at the Emory University.

In 2009, President Obama appointed him a member of the Presidential Advisory Board on Radiation and Worker Health. Distinguished with many high awards, he is also a private consultant engaged in issues involving the analysis of risks associated with occupational and environmental health.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Kraus

Professor for Occupational Medicine at RWTH Aachen University and Director of the Institute and Out-patient Clinic of Occupational Medicine at the University Hospital RWTH Aachen

Thomas Kraus takes great interest in diseases of the airways, whether caused by occupational or environmental factors. He lectures, researches and published much in the field of occupational medicine.

Professor Gert van der Laan

Gert van der Laan has dedicated his career to workers’ health. He is a founder of the Netherlands Centre of Occupational Diseases (Nederlands Centrum voor Beroepsziekten) and a senior consultant in Occupational Medicine with both national and international experience in consulting, research and education. His particular research topics are occupational cancer, occupational neurology and raising awareness and vigilance in occupational health. Gert is a Temporary WHO Consultant in Asbestos-related Diseases and Chairperson of the International Commission of Occupational Health SH Rural Health (ICOH). He is also Visiting Professor at the University of Milano and active in The Foundation for Learning and Developing Occupational Health (LDOH).