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Asbestos activist on the frontline

Pakistani asbestos activist

Imagine… Working hard, with dedication and resolution to achieve an asbestos ban and a hospital dedicated to nursing asbestos victims for your country, Pakistan, only to be threatened by the asbestos maffia. Syed Mezab Ahmed, his parents and sisters literally had to run for their lives to the other side of the world, leaving everything behind. It took several years for them to be recognised as asylum seekers, the first in the world to be recognised as such because of the threats to their lives by the asbestos industry. In the meantime they were absolutely destitute.

This brave young man and his family have truly made every effort to make a difference to their society. For years, the EAF foundation has supported him. Now, just for this once only, he will tell his harrowing story to you. It will leave you stunned. 

Mezab’s life is still filled with hardship. He supports his family by doing backbreaking work for ten or eleven hours a day. Any financial gifts to them can be donated to the EAF foundation and will be passed on to them; please specify your intention in this regard.