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Sven de Mulder

Team Manager Asbestos at OVAM
Sven has a master of science industrial engineering and started as project manager waste removal and soil remediations at OVAM. Currently, he is the project and team manager for the Flemish asbestos policy. Sven initiated and contributed to several studies on weathering of asbestos cement and innovative asbestos waste treatment methods. His team has launched a unique asbestos removal policy plan to make Flanders asbestos-safe.

In previous presentations, Sven discussed a number of the latest developments, insights and also obstacles which have emerged and need to be overcome in order to achieve an asbestos-safe Flanders. Steadily progressing towards this policy goal, his upcoming presentation will focus on the legal obligation for real estate owners to provide an asbestos survey upon selling a property; and for all owners to possess such a survey by 2023. The inspection data of these surveys will entered by the certified asbestos surveyors into a database application of OVAM. One can easily imagine that setting up and managing such a huge database is a challenge in itself!

This central register will enable OVAM to monitor both the asbestos in buildings and the progress towards the achievement of the asbestos-safe goal. OVAM delivers the final survey report, designed to nudge owners into action towards asbestos removal.