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Robin Bennett

Director at Start Software

Robin Bennett is a director at Start Software, the developers of the market-leading Alpha Tracker® asbestos system. Working with asbestos consultancies and their clients for 20 years, Robin and his team are acknowledged to be experts in the field of asbestos data management. Start Software’s Alpha Tracker® alone holds data for more than 6 million buildings and 70 million asbestos data items!

He is a Fellow of the Institute of Analysts & Programmers and a Member of the Institute of Directors. He also holds a Masters in Computation from Oxford University.

Robin will be presenting on developing a new, open data-sharing platform – OpenAsbestos – which will unlock this data and make it available from and to any compatible system, for the common good. The wonderful possibilities and applications of this open platform will bring about great improvements, for instance to raising awareness and creating safer working and living spaces; indeed it epitomises the conference’s main theme ‘Asbestos & The State of the Art’.