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Nathalie van de Poel, Keynote Speaker

CEO of Purified Metal Company

Nathalie van de Poel is a co-founder and CEO of the Dutch Purified Metal Company, which was officially opened by the Dutch King Willem-Alexander in 2021.

Worldwide, millions of tons of contaminated steel scrap are released every year, from buildings, trains, ships and industrial installations, to cite a few. Cleaning steel scrap which is contaminated with asbestos or for instance hexagonal Chromium (Chromium 6) for reuse is difficult and costly. If the steel cannot be cleaned, it will be dumped in landfills and thereby society will lose a valuable raw material that was costly to produce. From now on, this can be done differently! Purified Metal Company is the first company in the world to responsibly process contaminated steel scrap into a high-quality raw material. The process is patented and developed to separate the contaminants from the steel in a 100% safe way.

Generously, the Purified Metal Company has allowed a limited number of visitors to visit its globally unique plant on November 10, 2022; registration through the EAF is on a ‘first come’ and limited basis. All safety precautions will be observed and full PPE will be provided to each visitor.