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Marcel Brouns

Founder of and Advisor to Shield Group International

Why, exactly, is asbestos such a serious health hazard and the reason for worldwide commotion? What makes it so dangerous? Marcel Brouns will explain the answer to this essential question and apply his findings to a broader perspective.

Marcel has a profoundly deep, life-long interest in chemistry. Awarded a Ph.D with highest honours in 1970, he has gone on to study associated scientific fields of interest, such as general inorganic and organic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, microbiology, spectro-chemistry and radioactive phenomena. Also of a practical nature, he has over thirty years of business experience regarding analytical laboratories, analytical services, analytical techniques, procedures and instruments; particularly with regard to metals/minerals, mineral/crude oils and environmental testing. Marcel is no stranger either to giving speeches and presentations at many occasions, well-known for being interesting and thought-provoking.