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Emiliano Genorini

Account Manager of Viavi Solutions

Emiliano Genorini, presenting on behalf of Greenwall Environmental Evolution Ltd, will discuss the development of the Asbestoprobe, a portable hand-held device which can detect asbestos in real-time. The usefulness of such an instrument hardly needs explanation!

More specifically, Emiliano will talk about the advances in Near Infra Red spectroscopy and the analysis of asbestos in materials. He has been working as EMEA and LATAM Account Manager in Viavi Solutions and has a degree in chemistry with specialization in analytical chemistry on environmental pollutant. He has worked for a number of top brand instrumentation companies and has more than 20 years in NIR spectroscopy, acquiring extensive experience in pharma and food markets. Since 2003 to 2016 as Adjunct professor of chemometry in University of Milano and Pavia.