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Jessy Middelkoop

Advisor of Hazardous Substances for the Fire Department Amsterdam Amstelland

Jetty Middelkoop will be our specialist speaker on asbestos fires! She studied at the Higher Laboratory School and the Agricultural University. She completed the officers’ training course of the Royal Netherlands Army and worked at the Inspectorate Nuclear Energy and a Radiation Protection Service of two Ministeries. In her present function, she is standby 24/7 for incidents where hazardous substances are involved, such as fires, dumpings and leakages. Jetty is the call-to person for any questions on hazardous substances, teaching classes to fire brigade departments and third parties, publishings and advising on plans and procedures involving hazardous substances such as asbestos. Whenever an asbestos fire occurs, Jetty is the expert on the job. Presently, she is involved in revising a national protocol for handling asbestos incidents.