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Jesper Haunstoft


Fiberbinder® is a Danish company that has invented a new product, which effectively fixates asbestos fibers. 

Fiberbinder’s main purposes are a) to improve work environment for craftsmen, who work on asbestos-renovated areas, and b) to reduce the risk of spreading asbestos fibers to nearby surroundings when dismantling materials containing asbestos.

When renovating buildings containing asbestos it is important to remove as many fibers as possible. It is, however, equally important that any remaining fibers are fixated to prevent them from being inhaled.

The product is being used on two main areas:

  1. For fixating remaining asbestos fibers that it is not possible to remove even with thorough cleaning and vacuuming.
  2. For fixating asbestos fibers directly on roof plates etc. before dismantling them to prevent fibers from spreading to the surroundings.

Fiberbinder® is easily applied, it contains no substances that are harmful to health, or the environment and it is easily biodegradable. Fiberbinder® is patent pending in Europe, Australia and the US.