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Jaroslaw Nyzio

Labour Inspector (Poland)

Jarosław Nyzio will present on the Polish National Asbestos Eradication Program, which makes Poland one of the first countries in the EU to have such a challenging policy.

He obtained a Master of Science degree at Agricultural University of Poznań. Since 1998 he has been employed in the National Labour Inspectorate, where he had been gradually promoted and in 2015 reached the position of a senior labour inspector – chief specialist. In his daily routine, Jarosław Nyzio mainly deals with chemical factors and personal protective equipment. In 2005, he became a Polish representative in the PPE ADCO Group and PPE Working Group. He conducts training sessions for labour inspectors specializing in PPE market surveillance and coordinates inspection activities related to this subject in the region of Wielkopolska. He also writes articles for the NLI’s magazine and gives lectures on chemical hazards during panel conferences organized in the framework of “Occupational Risk Reduction Strategy of Wielkopolska”.