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Claus Dyring

General Manager at Dansk Bygningsanalyse A/S

Claus Dyring will share with us what is happening on the asbestos front in Denmark. For Denmark was the first country in the EU to ban asbestos insulation material (1972) and asbestos cement (1980 and more comprehensively in 1985). Compare that to the Netherlands, where the production of asbestos cement was only prohibited as of 1993 (and still relatively early in comparison with Eastern European countries). So what has been the effect of these very early bans? And now that awareness of other health hazards in buildings is increasing – think mould, radon, legionella, etc. – how should limited budgets be allocated to the best possible effect when it comes to removing such health hazards? What should be given priority and why?

Claus has followed a long road that has led him trough the trenches of engineering, construction and environmental health and safety. He has even been responsible for the overall offshore telecom system design, delivery and installation at the Euro 12 billion Greater Ekofisk Area development in Norwegian part of the North Sea! Presently, he is the General Manager at Dansk Bygningsanalyse A/S, which specialises in surveys and consultancy within hazardous materials, mould and wood rot which harm the environment in buildings. His firm is an independant consultant with its own laboratory capacity. It has been on the market for decades and is widely known for the pristine quality of services.