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Bart Noordermeer

Social advocate

Bart Noordermeer lives in the residential area of Wateringen (borough Westland), very close to The Hague. On the stormy night of January 12th, 2015, a big fire broke out at a warehouse close to his home, causing large amounts of asbestos fragments from the roof of the warehouse to be scattered throughout the wide area. After the storm passed, the asbestos was found in the streets and roadsides, football fields and parks, inside the houses, on the rooftops, on sheds, in gardens and trees – literally everywhere. Repeated efforts by the local municipality to clean up the widespread asbestos contamination were not succesful and are still ongoing to this day. As a member of the local committee ‘Fire Wateringen’, Bart has put heart and soul into getting the residential area cleaned up expediently, meeting resistance along the way. But as Bart puts it: “Even though the risks are small, no one wants their children exposed to any undue risk whatsoever.” He will speak about his experiences.