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Arco Engelen

on behalf of the Dutch Social Partners

Arco is the owner of HumanNova training, an occupational hygienist and a qualified asbestos expert. He also acts as Examiner for the Post-Secondary Safety Science (the PHOV Foundation), is a member of the Central College of Asbestos Experts and representative of the Dutch Association of Labour Asbestos experts on asbestos. He has nearly 20 years of experience in the field of occupational health and safety management and chemical/biological exposure risks. His professional expertise focuses on awareness-raising issues, presentations, goal-orientation and (event) organisations.

Arco is the author of several publications, including ‘Asbestos and the installation sector’ and ‘Enforcement in asbestos emergencies’. He has been involved in research into asbestos exposure and asbestos training since 1993.