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Angelo de Jong, Keynote Speaker

Head R&D of AC Minerals

Angelo de Jong is the Head R & D of AC Minerals, a Dutch company specialising in the denaturation of asbestos. He will give a very inspirational presentation on the break-through achieved by AC Minerals: to denature asbestos fibres in asbestos cement safely and affordably by means of water and energy. (As we all know, bringing about 200 million tons of asbestos to landfill is not really a globally sustainable solution; which is why research into safe asbestos denaturation is of such paramount importance.) The resulting endproduct is basically a cementeous slurry and can be returned to the cement industry, saving huge amounts of CO2 in the process. Already, AC Minerals is in the process of financing a large factory to denature asbestos cement at industrial volumes. 

Would you like to visit the AM Minerals plant and see this ground-breaking, innovative process for yourself? The EAF foundation has managed to secure an exclusive visit for its participants to the conference! You can register for this unique excursion at