MiniContainment: an innovation in small scale asbestos removal

The European Asbestos Forum is proud to present the MiniContainment: a practical example of Dutch innovation in small scale asbestos removal. The modern MiniContainment has distinctive qualities that differ considerably from traditional asbestos removal techniques. For example:

  • it is considerably quicker and quieter than traditional asbestos removal methods;
  • it causes much less social upset, as the workmen do not require any personal protection methods and can wear inconspicuous, everyday clothing;
  • it can be made to measure to fit almost every situation;
  • it does not require a decontamination unit, making it ideal to use in cramped or confined spaces;
  • it is easy to test and clean and can be used over and over again.

It is efficient in both residential and industrial surroundings. When removing asbestos in homes, the residents can stay put during this process; they need not even get out of their chairs! Even asbestos containing objects and materials in industrial buildings can be effectively removed by using a MiniContainment. The optimal air circulation ensures any fibers dislodged during the removal process will be sucked up effectively. After use, the final inspection and clearance testing of the MiniContainment is easy.

More applications are developed continually to meet the market’s enthusiastic demands. This makes the MiniContainment not just an  innovative piece of equipment… it stimulates us to re-think the existing ways of asbestos removal!

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