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New white paper on the HSE analyst’s guide

(photo Nick Garland. CEO of Assure360) As asbestos management professionals in the UK prepare for HSE to release their much-anticipated update of 2015’s Analysts Guide, the team at Assure360 have published a new white paper which summarises the key changes in the draft shared for feedback earlier this year. Nick Garland, CEO of Assure360 and author […]

MiniContainment: an innovation in small scale asbestos removal

The European Asbestos Forum is proud to present the MiniContainment: a practical example of Dutch innovation in small scale asbestos removal. The modern MiniContainment has distinctive qualities that differ considerably from traditional asbestos removal techniques. For example: it is considerably quicker and quieter than traditional asbestos removal methods; it causes much less social upset, as the workmen […]

Killer dust: why is asbestos still killing people?

Nic Fleming finds out in a twisting tale of industry cover-ups and misinformation that spans decades. A long vertical pipe sits against white-painted brickwork in the corner of a cramped storeroom. Two men wearing orange boiler suits and gloves crouch at its base. One uses a scraper to remove lumps of what looks like wet […]

European Parliament demands the eradication of asbestos contamination

On the initiative of S&D Group vice-president Stephen Hughes, the European Parliament on 14th March called to eradicate asbestos by 2028. Even though asbestos is banned in Europe, it is still present in millions of buildings and public facilities and it still kills thousands of people every year. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), […]