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The European Asbestos Forum strives to improve professional networks and the exchange of the best and newest of knowledge regarding all matters related to asbestos. Remediation, innovations, best practices, limit values, raising awarenes and improving safety in the workplace, national and European policy, enforcement of and comparing regulations and legislation, treatments, epidemiology, environmental polution etc. All of it.

Why? Because sharing makes us stronger. Every country in the world has asbestos problems. Many have solutions of different kinds to these problems. But which solutions are the best? Instead of every country and sector reinventing the wheel, thereby costing untold many lives, precious time and wasted funds, the EAF encourages networking and sharing across borders and sectors. Sharing the best innovations, the newest insights, the best practices. Learning from each other’s mistakes and successes.

Meet your national and foreign colleagues and become part of the international network that is the European Asbestos Forum. Learn from the best and share in turn. That is what the EAF is about.

In 2015, the main topic of the EAF conference was ‘Asbestos & Labour’, in 2016 it was ‘Asbestos & Buildings’.

In the Autumn of 2017, the main topic of the EAF conference will be ‘Asbestos & Industry’. If you are interested in giving a presentation or providing sponsorship, please contact yw@europeanasbestosforum.org.

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Our Sponsors support the EAF motto ‘Sharing makes us stronger’. By sharing, we can increase our mutual understanding and co-operation across borders and asbestos sectors.

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